Yaya E isHere, CWC
With more than 25 years in the wholistic health arena, Yaya is a unique, gifted and love-ing 'Master of The Healing Arts'. Her remarkable ability to "scan" energy assists with recognizing the source energies affecting someone's physical, mental or spiritual health. This amazing gift is also very effective in revealing people group, physical buildings' and geological vibrations. And that's just the beginning. 
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Natural Healing Modalities 
No matter the ailment, no matter the cause Nature has a remedy! Whether through the use of herbs, sound, touch, minerals, crystals or movement Natural wholistic treatments are life enhancing!

One on one personal health assessment consultations gently and with great care reveal and address the root cause of dis-ease. Recomendations based on each individual's unique needs are given along with the "how to" in order to assist clients in learning a total wholistic way of restoring and maintaning optimum health.

Group workshops, serminars and webinars are now being offered that address specific health discomforts such as: fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, loneliness, self-esteem, etc.

Retreats are scheduled quarterly to local high energy vortex sites with more exotic locations being planned. Small group "mini" one day retreats are also available and both provide unparalleled opportunities to reconnect to the Divine energy of Nature for maximum healing and relaxation. 
  1. "I'm a witness!! I had double knee replacements (at the same time) IT WORKS WELL!!" Onetia W., Stockton, CA
  2. "This stuff reallly works!" Gwen, Oakland, CA
  3. "The product is awesome! My skin has never felt more hydrated!" Christopher S., Oakland, CA