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With more than 25 years experience, having decades of in depth training and study I am a professional with extensive knowledge about natural health, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Sharing my undivided empathic attention I utilize familiar and alternative methods of healing, such as reflexology, sound therapy, energetic readings   and more. In the privacy of our one-on-one consultation I can recommend wholistic natural alternative remedies for most ailments, diseases and discomforts.

$250.00 for initial consultation, recommendation and personal demonstration on herbal preparations, proper food combining, etc.
$90.00 per each additional/follow up consultation.


Global Energetic  Readings

Physical distance is no barrier to receiving sensitive, wholistic and caring yet accurate Life readings from Yaya! Phone, Skype, Messenger and other digital aids allow us to connect wherever you are in the world! If you are experiencing matters of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance, please schedule a FREE 15 minute consult. You will definitely feel better!​​

$85.00 = 1st Hour
$45.00 = Each additional Hour

New "Enhanced" Personal Care Products Available Locally!
Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Anxiety, Chronic Stress & Chronic Pain, Neurological dysfunction, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, chronic weight gain and many more conditions can be improved with our new line of "enhanced" body butters, massage oils, pulse-point roll-ons, bath salts and fizz bath bombs! For more information and a FREE 15 minute consultation contact us at:
[email protected]
510-863-0395​ or visit our

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Nature's medicine cabinet of aromatic herbs, resins and barks, when extracted and/or in essential oil form can give great relief of common discomforts without opiates and other harmful chemicals. For a private consult please contact us at: 510-863-0395!