Melanic Vibrational Healing

Welcome and Thank you for visiting our newly formed blog!

I've been really laboring over exactly how I can manage a regular contribution to a blog along with my many other demands, duties and delightful projects that I'm responsible for! So. . .

I'm asking you for input as to topics  you'd like to see discussed, questions about any physical, mental, emotional or spiritiual concerns. There are so many things that I'm ready to research and learn and the only way for me to know what those things are, is for you to share your experiences with me!

For those things that I do know, I'll gladly share what I can in this blog and for those things that I don't know I'll gladly do the research to give you viable information AND/OR a reputable recommendation to a more qualified professional for your needs!

Yaya E is Here!

As a Certified Wellness Consultant I am a professional with extensive knowledge about natural health, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Also familiar with additional areas of practice, such as reflexology, sound therapy, energetic readings   and more, I can provide wholistic natural alternative remedies for most ailments, diseases and discomforts. Wellness Consultants are typically knowledgeable about ethics and legal issues in health care and what natural means of healing may be accepted or rejected by an individual's traditional practitioners. My services,  products and the information presented on this site,  are not designed to serve as medical advise which should be sought by your primary physician.
Nature has always provided a safe, soulFull and magical environment for me! Rocks have always drawn my attention and as a little girl I used many different wild "grasses" (weeds, etc.) in my outdoor "cooking" endeavors. As an adult I've learned the wisdom of rocks/stones/crystals and herbs (which mainly consists of grasses, leaves, roots and  berries!